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Founded in 1972, the Consist Worldwide Group is a leading business information technology headquartered in New York with offices and development centers in Israel, Germany, South America, Mexico, Spain and the United States. Consist has over 1,000 employees worldwide and provides products, services and solution to thousands of customers in dozens of countries across the globe.

Consist delivers software-based solutions in three methods

  • Software solutions developed at Consist's development centers throughout the world
  • Software solutions developed by other leading software vendors which are represented, implemented and supported by Consist
  • Software solutions developed specifically according to the customer's requirements and offered as consulting services or fixed price project

    The software areas covered by Consist include banking systems, output management systems, software migration systems, ERP, human resources, business intelligence, WEB-based solutions, IT centers management solutions, omni-channel communications systems, ITSM and ESM (Enterprise Management Systems) and many others.

    Consist Worldwide Group's solutions and services cover the full range of IT technologies, keeping its know-how always up-to-date to the leading-edge innovations in computers, IT environments, programming languages, database technologies and prevailing standards and trends. Consist's worldwide customer base is composed of leading organizations in each country: federal and state governmental organizations, municipalities, telecommunication companies, financial institutions, leading industrial and commercial companies, utility organizations and many others. The software systems and services delivered by Consist are typically mission-critical, usually based on a long-lasting strategic partnership between Consist and its customers.

Consist's values


The variety of technologies and business needs and their constant change requires us to nurture our abilities over the years, both through continuous learning and by imparting the value of striving for excellence in our people.


Execution of the work and completing it to the customer's full satisfaction, even at the price of working late into the night.


As a rule, Consist provides its customers with information systems that are critical to their business activity. We are aware of this and acknowledge our responsibility for their proper operation.


We are fair and decent. We value those qualities and deliver transparency to our customers, our people, our partners, our suppliers and the community around us.

Friendliness and kindness

We believe in working in a friendly, strenuous but smiling environment, in a friendly manner even in the face of difficulties, we value friendship and mutual help

Our products and system solutions include, among others:

Doxi - A digital signature system

 Doxi is an advanced digital signature system which streamlines organizational approval processes of documents such as purchase orders, agreements, contracts, invoices, HR forms for new employees onboarding processes and more. Doxi allows organizational users to create, within seconds, an approval process for each document and distribute it to the desktop computer and smartphones of the signatories who can sign using either their smartphone screen or the computer's mouse.

PB Digital - a customer communication management system

PB Digital is an advanced Customer Communication Management system (CCM) which enables organizations to easily create, manage and distribute business information—digital documents, invoices, marketing materials, etc.—tailored specifically to their customers’ needs and preferred platforms—smartphone, tablet and PC, through a variety of channels—SMS, e-mail and conventional mail. PB Digital creates smart, beautifully-designed interactive documents which help maximize the user’s experience (UX/CX) and strengthen the customer’s loyalty to the brand.

SysAid- a world-leading ITSM and ESM HelpDesk management system

In Israel, Consist is the exclusive distributer and implementer of SysAid, one of the world's most popular helpdesk software solutions. SysAid is an ITSM, Service Desk and Help Desk software solution that integrates all of the essential IT tools into one product. Its rich set of features include a powerful Help Desk, IT Asset Management, and other easy-to-use tools for analyzing and optimizing IT and other organizational services performance.

GLASSIX - an omni-channel communication system for customer service and call centers

In Israel, Consist exclusively markets and implements an advanced omni-channel communications system - GLASSIX- which enables organizations to communicate with their customers via a variety of digital channels - Whatsapp, e-mail, SMS, chat, Messenger, Facebook, Instagram and more - using a single, unified UI. 

Planning, development and integration of computerized projects, systems and applications

Consist's software development and integration division employs designers, team leaders and highly experienced developers that help our customers achieve the results they want, on time and within budget.
The division specializes in integrating a variety of components into a complete solution that meets our customers' needs, and has decades of experience in characterizing, planning, developing and implementing complex systems, web portals, software products and applications.

For more information about all our products, services and system solutions,
please contact us at or call us at: +972-544-598701.

Our main office in Israel can be reached at: +972-3-9204111

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